Inclusion & Social Impact

Diversity / Equity / Inclusion

We believe in celebrating the humanity of every individual. TPCi believes in a just and equitable world and that every person, employee, and fan has the unique skills, powers, and purpose to contribute to this common cause.

Our competitive advantage is in our collective talents and various backgrounds, and an inclusive environment brings us together in our shared mission to bring fun to fans around the world. We succeed in our mission with a culture where all people of TPCi thrive, and ideas are shared openly and respectfully.

TPCi is committed to upholding its culture dedicated to inclusivity, which constantly celebrates diverse perspectives—where voices are heard, and every employee can be their authentic self. We maintain a safe environment grounded in respect and civility for all.

Social Impact & Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Report

At TPCi, our mission is to bring the world together through Pokémon. Our six Core Values are the lens through which we take on every project, how we interact with our fans and colleagues, and what helps us bring our mission to life. They are also what drive our strategic priorities, one of which is to make the world and our communities a better place. We are excited to share the progress we made in 2021.

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Our Employee Resource Groups

At The Pokémon Company International (TPCi), we believe in inclusion and belonging! Alongside our Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and our Company Core Values, our Employee Resource Groups help us all become the very best (that no one ever was)!

Familia Pokémon logo

¡Bienvenidos! We are a group of Latinx/Hispanic employees who are united by experiences, food, language and so many aspects of our cultures. We come together as a familia which means family in Spanish and Portuguese, and our purpose is to foster the professional development of our members in the interactive entertainment industry, as well as to facilitate recruitment and retention of our talent, while promoting awareness and inclusion of the Latinx/Hispanic community and culture.

The Pokémon Black Diaspora logo

We are The Pokémon Black Diaspora (TPBD) Employee Resource Group! Our aim is to aid in the creation of an inclusive company culture by providing a supportive and uplifting community for Black employees throughout TPCi. We’ll achieve this through education, community development, recruitment, and engagement with folks – inside and outside the office. We want to create a place where every Black employee has a space where they can collaborate, relax, and empower each other throughout their daily lives. Black excellence and Black representation!

The Rainbow Gym

Welcome to the Rainbow Gym, TPCi’s official Employee Resource Group on a mission to celebrate LGBTQIA+ employees! In addition to creating a safe place for queer folks and allies, we provide helpful resources to allow for open discussions and internal support, with the understanding of the intersectionalities of the larger community. The Rainbow Gym works with leaders and departments to promote inclusion at all levels, including initiatives related to engagement, talent acquisition, professional development, and community-building.

Women of Pokémon

Women of Pokémon (WxP) is committed to empowering all TPCi employees who identify as women, non-binary people, and all people of marginalized genders. WxP will partner widely with a broad group of cohorts to identify and promote equity. Specifically, WxP strives to achieve equity in development, recruitment strategies, retention, and networking opportunities for all people of marginalized genders at TPCi. WxP’s focus is to identify and help activate areas that will provide increased internal support for employees while serving as a helpful resource and fostering a sense of safety for the WxP constituency.

TPCi Parents

At the TPCi Parents ERG, we’re building off the love for children and family exemplified in the Pokémon brand in order empower parents to thrive both at work and at home!

Parenthood is an ever-evolving journey that intersects all aspects of life and comes in many shapes. This group recognizes that by improving support for parents within TPCi, we will attract and retain talent and improve employee engagement among those who identify as parents. This will be done through advancing company-focused initiatives such as advancing resources and benefits while providing speakers and coaching. We will also promote networking initiatives and a community of support.

Giving Back: Our Philanthropic Mission

At TPCi, we believe we can help make the world a better place through our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts while also bringing the joy of Pokémon to people around the world. Our goal is to make a positive impact for children and our communities by establishing long-term and intentional partnerships with organizations dedicated to supporting children and those that address social equity.

Our Philanthropic Partners


TPCi has a long history of giving back to the global and local communities in which it operates. In 2022, the company formalized its philanthropic mission of supporting children in need and addressing social equity with the announcement of a five-year, 25 million-dollar initiative. Please find the full announcement here.

As a brand with a worldwide fanbase and as a global corporate citizen, and in our philanthropic commitment to serve children in need and support organizations that further social equity, TPCi has identified partners for this five-year initiative operating in three geographic categories: global, regional, and local. Organizations which operate without borders in locations around the world represent the first category. The regional level includes organizations operating within countries where the Pokémon brand has a significant presence across Europe, Latin America, North America, and Oceania. In the third category, TPCi partners with groups serving the local communities where it has offices in and around Bellevue, Washington, and London, UK. Please see the full list of organizations in alphabetical order which will be supported by Pokémon’s mission at launch below.


At TPCi, we are committed to the safety of our products. TPCi rigorously tests products produced and sold by us for compliance with applicable product safety laws and regulations. TPCi strives to provide high-quality, safe products for you and your family.

Environment &

Throughout 2022, the TCG Production team will continue to take a full-scale, science-based, and measurable approach to manufacturing the highest quality products possible with the least negative impact to our planet.


We know how important it is for employees to give voice and meaning to our CSR efforts. Our dollar-for-dollar matching program and volunteer time matching—means all of us at TPCi are able to showcase and share causes that reflect our interests and passions, and contribute to our collective efforts to make the world a better place.

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